Fusilli Friday #5

Fusilli Friday is back! There were two long weeks of nothingness. Things have been pretty busy around here and it was just too much of my energy to find a picture. However, I refused to go three weeks with no Fusilli Friday!

Below I give you a bicycle. Do not be fooled. This is no ordinary bicycle.ImageThis bad boy is equipped with a Target shopping basket! I can only imagine the lovely things that get toted around in the Target shopping basket. Fruit, rocks, potted plants, socks, cannelloni beans, maybe even spaghetti!


Fusilli Friday #4

This weeks Fusilli Friday is brought to you by Stelline, as I have no energy to do anything with my blog. I am too exhausted after cleaning the new house and old apartment this past week. Plus moving all of our stuff! Gah … we have too much stuff!

Anyway,┬áStelline chose this picture because she laughed her little hiney off when she saw it. It’s me, being overly excited to have a drink. I don’t recall this picture being taken and I don’t know why the heck I have that silly look on my face.Image

Fusilli Friday #1

Long fusilli is perhaps one of the silliest pastas in existence. I’ve always felt that fusilli couldn’t make up it its mind about which type of pasta it wanted to be. It’s long like spaghetti, has a hole through it like ziti, but yet is spiraled like rotini. It’s almost as if fusilli couldn’t decide which of those three pastas were its favorite, so it decided to become all three.

So since fusilli is so silly, I am dedicating a day to silliness on my blog. Every Friday I will post a picture, quote, or anything that I think may be slightly funny. Think of it as a way to put a smile on your face as you are launched off into the weekend.

For Fusilli Friday #1 I bring you an elephant on the highway!

Elephant on the Hightway

Picture taken by me!

This picture was taken a few years back while driving home from vacation. Ziti and I think it may have been some sort of children’s ride. You know, those machines where you insert a quarter and all kinds of madness ensues. I like how the elephant appears to be running on the highway. You know what would have made this picture funnier? If the elephant was facing backwards! That way he could stare down the car that is driving behind him.