Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #18 – South Korea

Another “rule” we have for our Winter Olympics Cooking is that on Closing Ceremony night we eat a meal from the country that will be hosting the next Winter Olympics. Therefore, last nights meal was from South Korea.

Ziti cooked dinner last night and it was Korean Stir Fry. He did not use a recipe. He cooked some delicious steak with Korean Stir Fry Sauce that was then placed on white rice. There was also a heaping amount of vegetables such as bok choy, daikon, mushrooms, carrots, and bean sprouts.


Our 2014 Winter Olympics cooking has come to an end. It was a lot of fun but also a ton of work! It required researching countries to find out what they eat there. Then researching recipes and then some of those recipes were quite involved.

Whenever we tell people that we do this for the Olympics they are always really impressed and curious as to what we cook. That was the main reason for me posting these past 18 days. Which by the way…I can’t believe I followed through on! I hope everyone enjoyed seeing our crazy tradition! Perhaps some of you will give this a try for the 2016 Summer Olympics. I know we will! 🙂

Now I’M curious…what was your favorite dish to read about?


Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #17 – Brazil

The Winter Olympics are starting to draw to a close. We decided to have a meal from the host country of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazil.

Instead of going to a fancy Brazilian Steakhouse, we brought the steakhouse to us. Ziti cooked up steak, pork, chicken, and two different kinds of sausage. Have no fear, Ziti’s mom and brother ate dinner at our house. There is no way Ziti, Stelline, Little Miss Gigli and I could have consumed all of this on our own! Little Miss Gigli did have two heaping helpings of meat so it is possible that she could have eaten all of this on her own.


The massive amounts of meat being cut up for dinner.

Our side dishes were white rice and Pico de Gallo. The Pico was just simply tomatoes, green pepper, onion, cilantro, lime and salt.


Yummy Pico!


The finished product

We have one more meal left! What country do you think we’ll choose??



Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #16 – United States of America

I’ll bet you didn’t think we’d choose our home country as one of our Olympic meals! Why not? It gives us a chance to try some of the weird stuff this country has come up with.

Canada likes weird stuff on their fries. We like weird stuff on our SPAGHETTI!!!!

Cincinnati Chili Five-Way is what we inhaled last night! Well in reality everyone else ate it like a normal human being. I inhaled it because I was excited to have spaghetti twice in one week!

Cincinnati Chili is a plate of spaghetti with chili poured over it. The chili consist of your normal chili ingredients with some interesting things added to it, such as chocolate and Worcestershire sauce. The spaghetti and chili are topped off with beans, onions, and cheddar cheese. It is so bizarre and so delicious!


Would you like to try this weird yummy dish? Just follow the link below! 

Cincinnati Chili –

Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #15 – Germany

Since I did so well eating the Norway meal I disliked in the past, I figured why not do another meal that doesn’t sound too appetizing to me?! Enter Germany. I don’t dislike German food. I just dislike sauerkraut. Which is pretty amazing considering the fact that I could have eaten a whole bag of that stuff when I was a kid!

For our German meal we ate Bratwurst Stewed with Sauerkraut, German-Style Creamed Spinach, and Soft Pretzels.

The Bratwurst was cooked in onions, garlic, sauerkraut, paprika, and chicken stock. The paprika definitely helped give the sauerkraut a different flavor. Fresh dill was supposed to be added when the meal was done cooking, but I forgot. Oops! Which actually bummed me out because I think that would have tasted delicious.

The Creamed Spinach was AMAZING! It consisted of onions, heavy cream, gouda cheese, and nutmeg. I don’t have nutmeg in my spice collection. I think nutmeg taste a bit like pine-sol so I stray a way from it. However, I did have Pumpkin Pie Spice which has nutmeg in it. I threw that in the spinach instead and it tasted pretty fantastic!

The Soft Pretzels were the frozen pretzels that you can buy at the grocery store. The ones that I craved like crazy when I was pregnant with Little Miss Gigli! I just wasn’t up for the task of making soft pretzels from scratch.


We have three more meals to go! What will they be??

Would you like to try one of these recipes? Just follow the links below!

Bratwurst Stewed with Sauerkraut –

German-Style Creamed Spinach –

Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #14 – Norway

Ziti made the Norwegian dish Fiskesuppe (Fish Soup) back in 2010. It was made with egg and there were big chunks of fish floating around in my bowl. I thought it was disgusting and it was never made again. For some strange reason Ziti and Stelline loved it.

When we were discussing which dishes to bring back this year Fiskesuppe came up. Actually Stelline brought it up several times. Which meant that we had to give this dish another try. Just because I wasn’t a huge fan of it doesn’t mean that it should never be made in this house again.

The recipe for Fiskesuppe that I found is drastically different then what Ziti made. There is no egg in this recipe but instead milk and heavy cream. This recipe is also LOADED with vegetables such as carrots, celery, parsnip, turnip root, potatoes, and onion. The recipe also has you add fresh dill and lemon at the very end. This helped to cut back on the overwhelming fish taste.


I know there doesn’t appear to be much in that bowl, but there is! I enjoyed the Fiskesuppe this time around much better! Yes, you can taste fish. However, the fact that there were veggies and lemon made the fish taste yummy. We served the soup with Dark Onion Rye bread which was a good choice.

I guess I’m not so scared of this dish anymore. Will it be made again in the future? We’ll see!

Do you want to try Fiskesuppe? Just follow the link below!

Fiskesuppe –

Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #13 – ITALY!

I’m Italian. Oh my goodness…are you shocked!? Which means that our country last night was Italy!

A part of me wanted to try a brand spanking new Italian recipe, but an even bigger part of me just wanted some good old fashioned spaghetti and meatballs. Spaghetti always wins!

Dinner consisted of spaghetti, meatballs, salad, and mascapone brownies.

Confession time: I’m typically a jar sauce kinda girl. It’s just so much easier than waiting an hour or whatever to simmer some tomatoes. However, for the Olympics I made my own sauce. I just had to. For this I turned to Jamie Oliver’s Basic Tomato Sauce recipe.


Plum tomatoes getting ready to simmer

Meatballs are honestly pretty straight forward. I really only glance into my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook to refresh my memory on the temperature and cook time. You can really add whatever you want to your meatballs. I’m a green pepper and onion person. My mom loves garlic in her meatballs. And guess what? I still think she makes the BEST meatballs! I don’t even try to attempt making her meatball recipe because I would just do it all wrong.

The beaten up falling apart cookbook

The beaten up falling apart cookbook

Now I know everyone was expecting some fresh pasta from me. Yeah…that’s not happening. We do own a pasta maker but man! It’s just too much work! It’s a 5 person job! So the boxed stuff it was!


Dessert was supposed to be tiramisu but I could not find lady fingers anywhere! So instead I made Mascapone Brownies. They were amazing!


So what will our next meal be? Something I’m kinda scared of!

Do you want to try some of these yummy recipes?? Just follow the links below! 

Sauce –

Meatballs –

Mascapone Brownies –

Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #12 – Great Britain

I know you have been driving yourself absolutely crazy thinking about Ziti all day! Admit it…you’ve been walking around thinking, “So if Ziti is half Polish…I wonder what his other half is?!” Well worry no more my friend…he is also half English. Which means that our country for tonight was Great Britain!

Our main dish was Bangers and Mash. Which sounds like something you crazy kids do in the pit at a Dropkick Murphys concert! Bangers and Mash is simple. It’s a pile of mashed potatoes with sausage thrown on top. Beef gravy with onions and mushrooms is poured on top of the potatoes and sausage. Carrots and peas is served on the side. It is a fantastic combination and you have to make sure you have every component on your fork in order to truly enjoy this dish.


We had to eat quite early because Stelline had a basketball game at 7. Which by the way, she totally kicked butt! She scored 7 points with 3 of those points belonging to a beautiful 3 pointer!!! Anyway…after the game we came home and enjoyed an English snack.


Very sweet cheese and crackers!

Then of course shortly after that we had to have dessert. We just visited the International aisle at the grocery store.



Hoping that tomorrow will be one of my favorite countries. Hmm…I wonder what that will be?!