King Henry, Laundry, and Eyebrows

I sat my butt down to write a post but instead I did the following…

  • Scrolled through Insta and FB repeatedly as if something so new and earth shattering would happen since the last time I checked my phone 2 seconds ago
  • Googled “Why was King Henry the VIII an ass”
  • Wondered why my feet were cold 
  • Stared at this pile of laundry 
  • Listened to the bugs singing in the trees 
  • Wondered why bugs sing in trees
  • Thought about waxing my eyebrows 
  • Cursed my Italian heritage for giving me eyebrows that would rather be called eyebrow
  • Wondered why it’s called an eyebrow and not a foreheadbrow 
  • Googled brow and Wikipedia claims it is also an “entryway for boarding a ship” Who the hell knew that?!
  • Is now envisioning a rather large eyebrow for people to walk on to board a ship
  • Thinks I need to stop typing because I am getting carried  away

Ooohhh look! A post! 


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