Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #18 – South Korea

Another “rule” we have for our Winter Olympics Cooking is that on Closing Ceremony night we eat a meal from the country that will be hosting the next Winter Olympics. Therefore, last nights meal was from South Korea.

Ziti cooked dinner last night and it was Korean Stir Fry. He did not use a recipe. He cooked some delicious steak with Korean Stir Fry Sauce that was then placed on white rice. There was also a heaping amount of vegetables such as bok choy, daikon, mushrooms, carrots, and bean sprouts.


Our 2014 Winter Olympics cooking has come to an end. It was a lot of fun but also a ton of work! It required researching countries to find out what they eat there. Then researching recipes and then some of those recipes were quite involved.

Whenever we tell people that we do this for the Olympics they are always really impressed and curious as to what we cook. That was the main reason for me posting these past 18 days. Which by the way…I can’t believe I followed through on! I hope everyone enjoyed seeing our crazy tradition! Perhaps some of you will give this a try for the 2016 Summer Olympics. I know we will! 🙂

Now I’M curious…what was your favorite dish to read about?


4 thoughts on “Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #18 – South Korea

  1. I am seriously impressed with your dedication and I think it’s an awesome way to teach your kids (and yourselves) about different cultures – good on you!
    We’re headed to South Korea later this year – can’t wait to try all the food! Well, except for the reeeeally spicy stuff haha.

  2. We’ve done this before, but somehow it feels like we upped the ante this year! We only went out to dinner one night. We tried a couple new countries and several new dishes. We even avoided China and Sweden along with their food that we eat all the time. Thanks for your share of the cooking and all these blogs!

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