Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #17 – Brazil

The Winter Olympics are starting to draw to a close. We decided to have a meal from the host country of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Brazil.

Instead of going to a fancy Brazilian Steakhouse, we brought the steakhouse to us. Ziti cooked up steak, pork, chicken, and two different kinds of sausage. Have no fear, Ziti’s mom and brother ate dinner at our house. There is no way Ziti, Stelline, Little Miss Gigli and I could have consumed all of this on our own! Little Miss Gigli did have two heaping helpings of meat so it is possible that she could have eaten all of this on her own.


The massive amounts of meat being cut up for dinner.

Our side dishes were white rice and Pico de Gallo. The Pico was just simply tomatoes, green pepper, onion, cilantro, lime and salt.


Yummy Pico!


The finished product

We have one more meal left! What country do you think we’ll choose??




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