Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #16 – United States of America

I’ll bet you didn’t think we’d choose our home country as one of our Olympic meals! Why not? It gives us a chance to try some of the weird stuff this country has come up with.

Canada likes weird stuff on their fries. We like weird stuff on our SPAGHETTI!!!!

Cincinnati Chili Five-Way is what we inhaled last night! Well in reality everyone else ate it like a normal human being. I inhaled it because I was excited to have spaghetti twice in one week!

Cincinnati Chili is a plate of spaghetti with chili poured over it. The chili consist of your normal chili ingredients with some interesting things added to it, such as chocolate and Worcestershire sauce. The spaghetti and chili are topped off with beans, onions, and cheddar cheese. It is so bizarre and so delicious!


Would you like to try this weird yummy dish? Just follow the link below! 

Cincinnati Chili –


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