Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #14 – Norway

Ziti made the Norwegian dish Fiskesuppe (Fish Soup) back in 2010. It was made with egg and there were big chunks of fish floating around in my bowl. I thought it was disgusting and it was never made again. For some strange reason Ziti and Stelline loved it.

When we were discussing which dishes to bring back this year Fiskesuppe came up. Actually Stelline brought it up several times. Which meant that we had to give this dish another try. Just because I wasn’t a huge fan of it doesn’t mean that it should never be made in this house again.

The recipe for Fiskesuppe that I found is drastically different then what Ziti made. There is no egg in this recipe but instead milk and heavy cream. This recipe is also LOADED with vegetables such as carrots, celery, parsnip, turnip root, potatoes, and onion. The recipe also has you add fresh dill and lemon at the very end. This helped to cut back on the overwhelming fish taste.


I know there doesn’t appear to be much in that bowl, but there is! I enjoyed the Fiskesuppe this time around much better! Yes, you can taste fish. However, the fact that there were veggies and lemon made the fish taste yummy. We served the soup with Dark Onion Rye bread which was a good choice.

I guess I’m not so scared of this dish anymore. Will it be made again in the future? We’ll see!

Do you want to try Fiskesuppe? Just follow the link below!

Fiskesuppe –


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