Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #12 – Great Britain

I know you have been driving yourself absolutely crazy thinking about Ziti all day! Admit it…you’ve been walking around thinking, “So if Ziti is half Polish…I wonder what his other half is?!” Well worry no more my friend…he is also half English. Which means that our country for tonight was Great Britain!

Our main dish was Bangers and Mash. Which sounds like something you crazy kids do in the pit at a Dropkick Murphys concert! Bangers and Mash is simple. It’s a pile of mashed potatoes with sausage thrown on top. Beef gravy with onions and mushrooms is poured on top of the potatoes and sausage. Carrots and peas is served on the side. It is a fantastic combination and you have to make sure you have every component on your fork in order to truly enjoy this dish.


We had to eat quite early because Stelline had a basketball game at 7. Which by the way, she totally kicked butt! She scored 7 points with 3 of those points belonging to a beautiful 3 pointer!!! Anyway…after the game we came home and enjoyed an English snack.


Very sweet cheese and crackers!

Then of course shortly after that we had to have dessert. We just visited the International aisle at the grocery store.



Hoping that tomorrow will be one of my favorite countries. Hmm…I wonder what that will be?!


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