Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #11 – Poland

It is a general rule that we must cook dishes from our heritage during our Olympics cooking challenge.

Ziti is half Polish which means that we kicked off Heritage Week with Poland!

We ate a yummy meal of Gołąbki (Stuffed Cabbage), Surówka z marchewki i jabłka , (Salad with Carrots and Apples), Pierogies, and Kelibasa.

The Stuffed Cabbage consisted of ground pork, rice, onions, and mushrooms rolled into red cabbage. It was then topped off with tomato sauce (YUM!).

The Salad with Carrots and Apples was just that! Grated carrots and apples mixed with sugar, heavy cream, lemon, and a pinch of salt. It was like eating dessert for dinner! Ziti said that it reminded him of something his grandmother would have made.

The Pierogies were frozen…we weren’t going to try to make that from scratch! And the Kelibasa was just cooked up in the frying pan real quick.


Ice cream was for dessert. Is it truly Polish? We don’t know. However, when trying to decide on what to eat for dessert Ziti said, “Well…My grandfather was 100% Polish and he ate ice cream pretty much every night!”


Breyer’s chocolate, vanilla, strawberry ice cream

Would you like to try some of Ziti’s yummy Polish food? Just follow the links below!

Gołąbki –

Surówka z marchewki i jabłka –


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