Winter Olympics Cooking ~ Day #4 – Czech Republic

Tonight Ziti took over and researched recipes and cooked.

I really don’t know what led him to the Czech Republic. I know he was looking at quite a few countries and more than likely he thought this looked the most delicious.

Well I know it looked the most delicious because he kept reading off recipes that required things such as heart and blood! I’m pretty sure our local grocery store does not carry vials of blood in the freezer section.

For the Czech Republic we ate Obložené Chlebíčky (Open Face Sandwiches) and cauliflower covered with Czech Triple Coat. 


The Obložené Chlebíčky is mashed potatoes mixed with mustard and mayo. The mashed potatoes are then spread onto the baguette. You then place hard boiled egg, cheese, salami, pickle, and red peppers onto the baguette. It sounds like an odd combination but they all tasted pretty fantastic together.

The Czech Triple Coat is flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs. You just dip the cauliflower into each of those and then fry the cauliflower in oil. Pretty easy!

This was a new dish for us and I think we all rate it fairly high among some of the dishes we’ve tried in years past.




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