I haven’t updated Mama Spaghetti in 3 months because …

… every time I sit down at the computer Little Miss Gigli decides that it is a fantastic time to sit on my lap and do this aoruewairauew89rew7apr98eauhtrw38754q2345749305 with the keyboard.

… I was trying to conquer those painfully slow Candy Crush Quests without harassing my FB friends.

… Downton Abbey had my undivided attention.


… I’ve started knitting with means I’ve turned into an old lady and no longer know how to use technology.


My scary knitted dishcloth

… I was trying to read The Great Gatsby and fell asleep.

… I was waddling around the house pretending to be a penguin in preparation for our trip to SeaWorld.

… I’ve been watching the Catching Fire trailer obsessively because I still have yet to see the movie!

… I was too busy eating spaghetti.

You got it dude!


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