The Pretend Knitter

I just wasted a vast amount of time on the Raverly website. What is Raverly you ask? Raverly is a website for knitters.

Which would make one think that I knit.

I do not.

I just wasted time on a website in which it does not currently benefit me.

I am determined to learn how to knit though! I have wanted to knit for years now.

A few years ago I attempted to learn. I grabbed a set of needles, some blue yarn, and sat my little hiney in front of the computer. I googled “how to knit” and watched a not so good youtube video. I got frustrated and threw the needles and ball of yarn across the house. That was either my Italian kicking in or my severe lack of patience.

Well I signed myself up for a knitting class this coming November. A REAL knitting class in which REAL people will show me how to REALLY knit. Ziti has titled my new knitting obsession as my “Old Lady Habit” and says that I better not knit in front of him.

And because of that, I shall knit him this sweater for Christmas …


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