You’ll Never Be Entirely Ready …

“You’ll never be entirely ready, but you just have to bring them along for the ride.”

I saw this in the May 2013 issue of Real Simple magazine. It has always been my philosophy on having children.

Ziti and I were young-ish when we had Stelline. I was 19 and he was 20. So we weren’t like 15 or anything completely frightening like that. However, in most peoples eyes we were “young”.

Was it easy to have a newborn at that age? No. Poor Ziti worked full-time and went to college full-time. He worked his tail off for us! I stayed home and tried to figure out what the heck I was supposed to do with this little person that relied on me for everything! Meanwhile, the apartment looked like poo because I couldn’t wrap my brain around exactly how I was supposed to say, wash the dishes.

Stelline is a calm, loving, laid back girl. She would sit and play with her toys for hours and be perfectly content. She did like to chew on a window sill every now and again, but it could have been worse. It is a miracle that amongst what felt like chaos to me, she was able to become the easy going person that she is today.

Let’s fast forward 11 years. Ziti and I decide that we want another child. We’ve had a baby. We know what this is all about. We’ve got this!

Yeah that’s funny. Little Miss Gigli plays with everything but her toys. She enjoys trips to the ER. She mimics everything we do. She says everything (and I mean everything!!!) we say. She tries running before she’s completely learned how to walk. She is a handful! She has me shouting things such as, “Don’t stand on the ball!!!” She gives us panic attacks nearly 47 times a day but we all (Ziti, Stelline, and myself) love her to pieces!

Basically … you’ll never be ready. And I understand that when people say “ready” they most likely mean the financial aspect of having a baby. My advice?  Nurse (if you are able to) for as long as you can. Buy diapers in bulk. Don’t get the silly unnecessary baby items. All a baby really needs is some clothes, diapers, a place to sleep, and a whole bunch of love!

My Babies

My Babies, Stelline and Little Miss Gigli


7 thoughts on “You’ll Never Be Entirely Ready …

  1. And those have been my words as well. Your never ready. That day will never come. Nobody has a clue how any baby is going to behave. My advise has always been routine/schedule from the 1st day you bring the baby comes home. And for the most part baby’s toddler’s children and teens if you have more than one it is like a small box of assorted chocolate
    They might look similar on the outside but usually are different on the inside.

  2. I agree with never being really ready. No-one ever knows what they’re really in for. Each baby is different and the first one is just mind blowing – you can read all the books in the world, hug lots of other peoples’ babies and talk to as many parents as you like, but you never realise the enormity of it until your little one is right there in your arms.
    Hell, that’s exactly why I named my blog Awesomely Unprepared when I found out I was pregnant 🙂 It’s a permanent state of being with a kid (or kids plural)!
    I have friends who always tell me they’re not ready. They haven’t travelled enough, got the dream house, got the body they want, the perfect point of the career they want, have gazillions of dollars saved up…etc. While I believe people should be responsible when considering bringing a new life into the world, at some point you seriously just have to throw caution to the wind or you might never do it!!!

  3. We when decided we were “ready” we realized that we had prepared ourselves for an infant. We were like, “a baby? Yes! Let’s do it! We can handle a baby.” Then 6 months passed and said baby was crawling and climbing and omg we looked at each other and realized… we were ready for a baby.. but not a toddler, a kid, a teenager. Mini-freak out and then we pulled ourselves together and got back on with the business of being a family. 😀

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