My Salad is Staring at Me


On a daily basis I wonder what exactly is going through that brain of Ziti’s. There have been many moments in our 14 year (Yes, 14!!!) history where he does something and I think, “How in the hell did you come up with that?!” This is one of those moments.

Last night Ziti decided to make dinner. He made Fusilli pasta (yummy!) and salad. I walked into the kitchen and saw that absolutely none of the vegetables were chopped up properly. They were huge chunks that would be impossible to eat!  I said, “What is this called!?? The Cut-your-own damn-vegetables-yourselves-you-assholes Salad??”


The angle I saw the salad from when I walked into the kitchen. Rather chunky.

My dear Ziti gently took my shoulders and positioned me to look at the salad from a different angle. This is what I saw instead.


The salad was grinning at me!

I figured there are one of two reasons why Ziti did this.

#1 – He thought it’d be cute and that Stelline and I would get a kick out of it … which we did!

Or #2 – He really didn’t feel like chopping up vegetables so if he placed them in a bowl and made it look cute then we wouldn’t care … which we didn’t!

Oh … that Ziti.


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