Did We Buy a Zoo??

Ziti and I purchased a house 3 weeks ago, which is why my blog has gone down the pooper. It’s a wonderful house on a fantastic piece of land. Our backyard is full of trees and the house is plopped atop a hill. We have two decks out back which makes it perfect to watch the little birds attack each other or to witness a squirrel being a daredevil as it leaps from tree to tree.

Our location is a magnet for wildlife! Which has me wondering… did we just buy a zoo??

Our very first day here, while cleaning the house, Stelline noticed something glaring at us from one of the trees in the back. “Mom! There’s a raccoon in the tree!” she yelled. Sure enough, she was correct. A raccoon was lounging in one of the trees just watching us through the window. I mean she was seriously watching us! You’d move one way, her head would follow you. It was really cool but kinda creepy. It was as if she was plotting how she’d break into the house. I had a picture of her but I dropped my camera in the ocean (another story) before I got a chance to load it onto the computer.

A week after we moved in a bird decided to make a home on our front porch. She’s a silly little thing. You’ll come outside and she’ll sit perfectly still in her nest. It’s as if she doesn’t want you to know she’s there. Then all of a sudden she’ll just fly a way and go to the nearby tree to watch you. Ziti has been out on the porch for a few days now building the picnic table (yes, another story) and she’s just sitting there watching him.

We also have a cat that thinks she lives here. She’ll spend hours laying on the deck or in the huge flower pot out front. That actually drives me crazy because she’ll throw the dirt out of the flower pot. Grr! She also likes to bang her nose against the glass to try to enter the house. Little Miss Gigli will stand at the window and bang on it while yelling “DOG!” … we’re working on “cat”. I feel bad for the cat, but we’re not in the business of taking in strays. Plus, I don’t know how to break it to her that I’m allergic to her kind.


The cat giving us the stare day and saying “Let me in!!”

Finally, just the other day, we found a frog in the trunk of my car! That little sucker must have been living there while we were on vacation. He tried jumping into our grocery bags when we were unloading the trunk. Stelline had to pick him up to get him out. She said he was the slimiest thing she has ever felt! Yuck!

I’m starting to wonder what other animals will show their faces? A duck perhaps? A pelican who traveled too far a way from the beach? Ohhhh or maybe a penguin!! I can only wish!


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