What Is Falling From The Sky??

We went to our local big deal firework show last night to celebrate the 4th of July. This time last year Little Miss Gigli was happily swimming around in my belly so she enjoyed the firework show from there. So we were looking forward to seeing her reaction to witnessing fireworks for the first time.

We arrived about a hour or so before the show was due to start. We came equipped with 2 chairs, a blanket, snacks, a little sit upon cushion for your butt, a heaping diaper bag, and of course the kids, Stelline and Little Miss Gigli.

We waited the hour and relaxed, fed Little Miss Gigli, and enjoyed some Watermelon Oreo’s and Strawberry Shortcake bites for ourselves. Ziti was also trying his best to pump Little Miss Gigli up for the fireworks. She HATES loud noises so we were all fearing the very worst. Ziti kept making firework noises and was pretending his hands were the fireworks.

It grew dark and we were probably about two minutes a way from the show starting. Suddenly the wind picked up and silly me said, “Why’d it get so windy all of a sudden??” Then we heard the rows of people screaming in front of us as if they were getting hurt and Ziti yells, “IT’S RAINING!!!”. Three seconds later the sky absolutely opens up on top of us. I’m not talking a light sprinkle … it was pouring!! We did not see the rain coming because it was so dark.

I stand up with Little Miss Gigli in my arms and grab the diaper bag. Ziti and Stelline snatch everything else and we start running!! Our car was not parked nearby at all. We ran in the pouring rain for about five minutes. Little Miss Gigli had a stunned look on her face as we were getting wet and she was getting bounced around. Half way through the run Ziti took her from me and began running with her. Let me tell you, I am so out of shape! I was panting like I had just competed in an Olympic track race!

We got to the car and of course we were all soaked! There is nothing better than sitting down in your wet denim shorts. I guess we got lucky though, the only causality to the rain were the delicious Strawberry Shortcake bites from Dean & Deluca. They fell out of the diaper bag during the run and I was left with only two. 😦 I am heart broken about this though, as it was a gift from Ziti for our 14 year anniversary.

Poor Little Miss Gigli is probably thinking, “You had me waiting around for this??? Your hand motions were supposed to rain?!” She’ll probably be hesitant to go to any firework show in the future.

So our 4th of July ended with rain falling from the sky instead of fireworks.

How did you spend your 4th? Did anything crazy happen?


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