Sofia Loren Speaks the Truth

While shopping at IKEA yesterday (yes, again!), Stelline saw this picture.


While I am not a fan of this picture and would never think of buying it, I am a fan of this Sofia Loren quote.

I believe no truer words have ever been spoken and this Sofia Loren chick is one smart lady.

Now, it is no secret that I am a huge fan of spaghetti. This quote got me thinking about how a lot of my memories involve spaghetti being present.

  1. I was a rare Italian child. I would not for the longest time eat sauce on my spaghetti. I recall being one of those annoying “buttered noodle” children. I remember my aunt (who is Dutch, not Italian) being completely outraged that I would not eat my spaghetti with sauce on it. “What Italian girl doesn’t eat sauce???” she exclaimed in her Dutch accent. She was right! What type of Italian chick was I?! My family ought to be completely ashamed of me! I think from that day forward I was determined to love sauce on my spaghetti.
  2. I have two brothers, Rigatoni and Fettuccine. I am the oldest child, Rigatoni is slightly younger than me, and Fettuccine is the baby of the family. When I was a teenager, I used to make spaghetti for Rigatoni and me quite frequently. We used to stuff our faces with spaghetti for lunch only to have our mom come home from work and make us the same meal for dinner. Did we care?? Absolutely not! I will never forget the one time Rigatoni sat down on the couch with a full plate of spaghetti, only to have the whole thing tip over onto his belly. I thought it was the most hilarious thing I had ever seen!! I laughed so hard that I probably dropped my own plate of spaghetti onto the floor. Not gonna lie … just thinking back on this memory has me laughing like a fool.
  3. Ziti and I would often eat at the Olive Garden when we first started “dating”. We were both young and didn’t really cook. I knew how to boil a pot of water to make spaghetti, but honestly, who wanted to hang out at mom and dad’s to eat dinner with their boyfriend?? Therefore, we became regulars at the OG. This is where Ziti learned of my immense love of spaghetti. Every time we went there he would order something different, and here I was, ordering the same old boring spaghetti visit after visit after visit. Deep down inside, I think he thought he was dating a giant string of spaghetti. If Ziti could sit there time and time again and still find the Italian girl slurping down spaghetti attractive, than man, he was keeper.
  4. When I became pregnant with Stelline my appetite grew … and grew… and grew. Ziti was thrilled! He had an eating buddy! I never turned down anything! Taco Bell at 2am ?? Sure! Get me 6 soft tacos! Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for lunch? I’ll take a carton! The Olive Garden every single night? OH HECK YEAH!!! Now I was craving shrimp and lobster pretty heavily, but there is no denying that spaghetti was still pretty high up on my list of things to eat. Ziti did such a fantastic job of keeping me full of spaghetti. Again, he witnessed me slurp down ungodly portions of spaghetti and he didn’t run a way!
  5. Finally, I owe spaghetti a huge thanks to getting me through that first night in the hospital with Little Miss Gigli. My first meal after delivering her? You guessed it! Spaghetti! I had no idea what we were in for that first night. She was not one for sleeping. She was not one for being held. She was not one for being left alone. Poor Little Miss Gigli was so lost and confused … all she could do was cry. So thank you spaghetti, for giving me the strength to stay somewhat sane through that night.

Mmm … spaghetti!

Let’s recap … shall we? Spaghetti (or my aunt, you decide) got me to like sauce. Bonding time with my brother over plates of spaghetti. Ziti falling madly in love with the spaghetti loving freak. Stelline becoming a well nourished baby because I devoured insane amounts of spaghetti. And finally, spaghetti getting me through night #1 with Little Miss Gigli. I think I have to agree with Sofia Loren. Everything you see I most definitely do owe to spaghetti!


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