My Enemy … the Front Closet

Today I tackled this nightmare … our front closet (AKA: the meaniehead).


I dislike the front closet. The front closet dislikes me. The front closet thinks it is funny to throw things onto the floor two seconds after I close the door. I can hear it chuckling at me and saying “Gotcha Sucka!!”

As much as I dislike the front closet, it had to be cleaned/organized. We are moving soon and there was no way that horrendousness was going to pack into a box. Of course while I was journeying through the closet I came across some stuff that made me pause and say, “Oh for crying out loud!”

The closet contained …

  • 14 rolls of paper towels
  • 12 rolls of toilet paper (and there’s plenty more in the bathrooms!)
  • 2 bottles of dish soap
  • about 892 plastic bags (more info later in this post regarding this silliness)
  • about 120 safety pins (leftover from a project involving Ziti and the creation of a Dumbledore costume)
  • 21 light bulbs (Hey! Don’t judge! They were free!)
  • 4 flashlights (one of which looks like a kitty cat)
  • 1 vacuum bag (Yep … our vacuum is bag-less)
  • 12 re-useable bags (Why am I not using these!?)
  • 8 notebooks
  • 4 binders
  • Enough pens and pencils to supply Stelline’s entire school
  • 5 reams of paper (okay, so I may have a slight hoarding problem when it comes to school supplies)
  • 2 Swiffer dusters (one for each hand, I guess)
  • 1 pan for cooking a turkey (don’t ask why this isn’t in the kitchen)
  • and a partridge in a pear tree (it flew out when I opened the door)

Now, regarding those 892 plastic bags … I save ALL of our plastic bags and fold them like this.


Do not be fooled! I am not the mastermind behind this idea. I owe this idea to the All Mighty Pinterest. Folding plastic bags in triangles makes them super easy to store. Plus, it makes them easier to throw into a diaper bag for when you have that “What do I do with the poopy diaper and poopy clothes?!” ordeal. Also, seeing the plastic bags displayed like this further proves that I live at Target.

Anyway, back to the front closet. Here is the finished product!


Yes, there is still a lot of stuff in there. But at least now I know where everything is located! This will be so much easier to pack into boxes. I just wish I had done it sooner so the front closet and I could have been friends.


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