Daily Prompt: The Dreaded Olive

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

I will never, ever in 800 billion years write about olives.

ol·ive noun 1. an evergreen tree, Olea europaea, of Mediterranean and other warm regions, cultivated chiefly for its fruit. 

It sounds lovely, right? WRONG!

They are gross. They scare me. They remind me of eyeballs.

There is an olive bar at my local grocery store. It is my worst nightmare! I fear those olives will roll out of that bar and jump on me. Just the smell of them sends chills down my spine.

I will never understand the whole olives on your fingers trick. Why?!! Why would to do that to yourself?! It’s not cute. It’s not funny. It’s truly horrifying!

Olives, stay on the tree where you belong!

Well would you look at that … I just wrote about olives.


This is just not right. Adorable penguins should never, ever be forced to wear olives!!



8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Dreaded Olive

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