The Mama Spaghetti Interview

This blogging thing is new. An insane few of my friends and family are following every word I type here. Seriously, you guys are insane, spend those two extra minutes a day to wax your eyebrows or something. (Note to self: Wax eyebrows) I lie; I want you to read my nonsense. It gives me great joy that you want to see what I have to ramble on about. Why else would I be doing this? I hear this gibberish in my head on a daily basis.

Some of you have no clue who the heck this spaghetti chick even is. Yet you are giving me a shot and well… that’s pretty fantastic.

So since we are all fairly new here, I give you the Mama Spaghetti Interview. It’s brief and there are pictures so it should be a pretty painless read.

Read on my noodleheads … read on.

Right now I’m reading: Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. I am half way through this. It is supposedly one of the Best Books of the Year … or so Oprah says.


My lucky charm: I like the shooting star one!!

Signature Scent: Anything by J.Lo …so I can “pick my body up and drop it on the floor”

One item always in my purse: Umm…a mess??

Where I Get My Coffee: My little itty bitty tiny coffee maker! You know you want some!

My Workout: Falling up hills while rollerblading.

I love: to laugh!

What makes me smile: my husband and daughters ! They are the silliest group of people I know!

I Can’t Live Without: my family, spaghetti (duh!), the seasons, books, …and string cheese.

Ta-da! See! I told you it was painless! 🙂

Now it’s your turn! Answer one of these questions about yourself … or all of them if you wish. Or makeup a brand spanking shiny new question. 

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2 thoughts on “The Mama Spaghetti Interview

  1. Reading: wired
    Charm: any
    Scent: whatever mother in law got me most recently (thanks!)
    Purse: n/a
    Coffee: black… but mixed with an equal part of hot chocolate
    Workout: sports
    Love: family, rocky road mixed w/ mint chic chip
    Smile: family, talenti gelato
    W/O: family, ice cream
    Shiny? the grocery store ice cream section catches fire, what 1 thing would you save?

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