Pillows for Giants

Ah IKEA … the land of Swedish meatballs and flat boxed furniture.


Photo taken by Stelline

The place where you walk in completely empty handed only to leave with enough chairs, plants, sinks, candles, and cookies to warrant the rental of a U-Haul truck.

We just recently took a trip to IKEA. We are on the hunt for … well… everything. What should we buy to furnish our living room in the new house??

A couch? A chair? A chaise? A coffee table, perhaps? Some new bookshelves for our 47 billion books?

None of the above.

After spending about 2 hours there we walk out with 2 gigantic beanbag pillows for the floor! These suckers look like they are big enough for Hagrid to comfortably lay his head upon.

Getting these bad boys into the car was a trick. One got shoved into the trunk while the other rode shotgun. I sat in back with the girls while Ziti tried to hold hands with the pillow.

As you may or may not know, pretty much every thing that comes from IKEA needs assembled. These beanbag pillows have “pillow cases”. The instructions show a dude standing there all by himself putting this giant pillow into the giant pillowcase. This is false. You need an army to get these pillows into their cases. Ziti stood there holding the pillow upright while I tried to wiggle the bottom of it into the pillowcase. I felt like I was dressing a 1,000-pound man!

Honestly though, these things are fantastic! Our next purchase from IKEA? A bed big enough for a giant.


5 thoughts on “Pillows for Giants

      • That explains it. I bought one in Arizona years ago and have been on the search for them ever since. I will give the store a call and see if I can track one down.

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