Beware: Not a Cooking Blog

This is not a blog about cooking because let’s face it … I can’t cook. Nor is it a blog on how to make mama’s world famous spaghetti sauce. I’ll bet you anything it is just a jar of Ragu. Heck … this isn’t even a blog about being Italian.

This is a blog about my fun, funny, crazy, amazing family and me.

So, why call it Mama Spaghetti?

  1. – I am the mama of two girls. My oldest, known as Stelline, is 9 parmesan shakes a way from becoming a teenager. My youngest, little Miss Gigli, is an overly energetic 10 month old who has started her terrible 2’s a bit early. I also have one more child, my husband, Ziti. Although I am tempted to call him Ziti-head because that sounds more fun. I know every wife claims their husband is this their child, but mine truly is. This man is such a child at heart and quite honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  2. – I have an unhealthy obsession with spaghetti and everyone knows it. A friend had once told me that while eating spaghetti for dinner they felt guilty for not inviting me over.

Well what can we expect from this blog? I really don’t know. Chances are I will just ramble about whatever I found fascinating that day. It could be something my kids did or some bizarre thing I saw while I was out and about. More than likely, it’ll just be pictures of my breakfast, lunch, and dinner … all spaghetti.

Nevertheless, let the fun begin!!


10 thoughts on “Beware: Not a Cooking Blog

  1. Mrs. Spaghetti,

    A. Good luck on your blog
    B. Don’t ever use pasta eating actions as units of time
    C. Do I have ridges or am I the flat kind?

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